Online installment loans bad credit -How to get an installment loan online?

How to get an installment loan online?

To apply for an installment loan online at you must go through a number of simple steps.

Step 1: First of all, log on to the website and create a company profile. You hereby provide some data from your company as well as some financial data.

Step 2: You then indicate the amount you want to borrow and the period over which you want to repay this loan.

Step 3: Your application will be checked by the credit analysts within 48 hours. Round Funding makes an interesting offer based on your data. This costs you absolutely nothing.

Step 4: After which you agree, your credit application will be put online and individuals can invest in your project. You only pay when your credit application is ‘complete’ and you actually receive your loan.

How does Round Funding calculate the interest costs of your credit?

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The interest rate offered to you by Round Funding is calculated on the basis of risk class. This class is determined by an analyst. Depending on the risk class (default probability), the interest costs of your project are determined. The risk class is determined based on available financial data, such as an annual statement from your company.

What are the criteria for a credit application on Round Funding?

Your company is eligible at Round Funding if you have a minimum turnover of 30,000 euros per year. In addition, the company must have existed for at least 2 years.

What is the Round Funding business model?

What is the Round Funding business model?

A small fee is charged for the Round Funding services from both investors and entrepreneurs. As a borrower, you pay a one-off rate of 1% to 4% of the net amount of your loan. The percentage depends on the term of your loan. In addition, Round Funding deducts 1% from the interest payments that the borrower makes to the lender.

Is borrowing via Round Funding safe?

Borrowing via Round Funding is safe. Your business data is well protected and only made known to interested investors.