How do you choose a business credit card?

Currently, individual customers can choose from credit card offers even with high limits, in the case of companies the offer is slightly less extensive, but using the offer may be a bit more complicated. Discover the pros and cons of having a credit card in your company.

Are you sure your credit card? Or maybe chargé?


Before you decide to choose a credit card for a company, you must be aware that this is often confused by consumers with a charge card . In both cases (credit and charge), the customer gets access to the limit, but the terms of repayment of the debt look different. Debit on charge cards must be offset within one month.

In the case of popular “loans” the rules will be much more flexible and the repayment period will be longer. Too long delay with the return of money borrowed from the bank will, however, result in interest being charged, usually a dozen or so percent per annum.

When choosing a bank offer, it’s worth checking the interest-free period. Usually it is thirty days and an additional “grace period”, which can be up to twenty seven days, in which interest will not be charged either.

Good loans in micro and small enterprises

Good loans in micro and small enterprises

According to the experience of banks, enterprises from the SME sector and sole proprietorships decide to use credit cards . In their case, the sufficient limit on the card is relatively low (e.g. up to PLN 100,000), and its main purpose is to maintain the company’s financial liquidity. Especially when contractors are in arrears with invoices or if you need to invest quickly in equipment or materials.

Credit card offers for entrepreneurs in Polish banks, the interest rate and interest-free period are rather similar. The biggest differences occur in the case of the minimum repayment amount , which ranges from 3% to even 6% on the entire debt from the previous settlement period.

Such a card should be used not only in urgent cases, but also for daily payments for purchases, transactions on the Internet and during business trips.

Financial promotions on which you will earn

Financial promotions on which you will earn

By implementing adequate monthly and annual turnover, the entrepreneur will be exempt from additional fees for using the card, which are charged by most commercial banks in Poland.

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